If you run a business you know how crucial it is to have equipment that can perform the way you need it to. I'm Mark Hazelquist and I own a small tree service in northern Wisconsin. A number of years ago I had an idea of utilizing a small bypass rotating grapple on a skidsteer for material handling. When I started researching the grapples offered at that time I was disappointed with quality of construction, and the cost for what was offered. This prompted me to use my own ideas to design a grapple that has the features and performance that I needed.

   I took my ideas to MULTITEK because of their reputation as a manufacturer of long lasting, well built equipment. They gave me full access to their design and development department. My ideas and experience in the tree service industry were coupled with decades of design and manufacturing experience. What has emerged is what I believe is the finest grapple system that is on the market. I invite you to view and compare the construction and features that make the Mark II grapple system unique in the industry.

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